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Post NL01 Membership Drive

Please see the message below from our First Vice Commander, Mike Head:


We need your help to reach our membership goal(s) for this year.  If you haven't already renewed, please do so.  If you renew now you will be good until Dec 2023.  You can renew online at MyLegion.Org, via PayPal, direct deposit into the Post Bank account at Andrews Federal Credit Union or by paying cash directly to any Post officer.  Dues are $35 or 35 Euros.

Thank you for your continued support of the Post and The American Legion.

Mickel Head
1st Vice Commander
American Legion Post NL01

Don't let the COVID-19 Stop your pursuit of your VA Disabilities Claims. Please note the contact information for our VA Reps. John H. Blakely Overseas Military Service Coordinator U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The VA Reps swap out every six months to help us in Europe yet, their email address remain for the next Reps. They have been coming up to our Tri-Border Benelux area about every two or three months to have individual one-on-one conversations with our members and any Veteran in need of furthering their VA Claim. They are still available to help us during this COVID-19 time via email. Please do contact them if you need assistance.

And naturally, you can contact our Local American Legion Veteran Service Officers,

Dennis Owens or our new Post Service Officer Mr. John Pope in Post NL01 or even our Department Service Officer Mr. Frank Phillips for help. Best part, you do not have to be a member of the American Legion for us to help you.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Margraten Post NL01 by scanning the QR Code below or click the Button for direct link

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